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Avraham Eilat, painter, photographer, sculptor, Printmaker, born 1939, Tel Aviv. Member of Kibbutz Shamir, 1960-1978. A founder of the first Israel Photography Biennale, 1986. 1992-1989 Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art, Haifa since 1989 Established Piramida, Contemporary Art Centre in Haifa. His sculpture ''To the Artists of the 21st Century'' stands opposite the Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Has engaged in working with plastic art. Works in his studio in Pyramida and in Ein Hod, Israel, Dusseldorf, Germany and Paris, France.


International famous Israeli artist Avraham Eilat will be in Gallery G-art  with video installation and drawings exhibition on  Oct 5th. 2010

The video installation Psychophysical Time and related works on paper on show at Galeri G-art, are based on a series of ink drawings entitled “The Fear of What is Suddenly Too Late” created by Avraham Eilat during 2001 – 2010. This title expresses fear and impotence in the face of what is suddenly too late to prevent. The video installation was successfully presented in the International Biennale of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery in Prague (2008)..


The "characters" are born from different origins such as history of art and photography, news photos and my own imagination. I try to give them more than one meaning and hope it gives the viewer more freedom to build his own opinion and ideas. I like my work to make people think and react to it in their own way. 


The exhibition at Galeri G combines this installation with some of the original drawings from which the film was made and related drawings and prints.The multiplication of the video piece is screened on the walls of the interior of a Mastaba model constructed for the exhibition. A burial site in ancient Egypt, the Mastaba and its contemporary presence within the walls of the museum creates a linkage between antiquity and the here and now.

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