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"... In today’s contemporary art context of Turkey Dilara Akay is an artist and activist with multipurpose intentions. Her meticulously crafted metal sculptures, found object assemblages, ready-mades and installations expose clear and imaginative reference points to feminist values and principles, follows the path of Post-modern surrealist methods of three dimensional production and casts a spell of sensation and to the gaze of the society of spectacle. Her public art and performances extends her concepts and opinions on women emancipation, imposed gender identities, forms of political dominance on individual and social life, on manipulation of tradition and Modernism. Her works reflect her experience of finding her inner forces for social commitment as well as convey an energy to convince people to associate their experience with her work..." Beral Madra ​ Dilara Akay (born ’63 Adana, Turkey) lives and works in Dalaman, Turkey where she has recently created Dilara Akay Sculpture Garden (’19); a public space for her work inviting people from Dalaman and beyond. Founder of artist platform HAYAKA ARTI (’05), "alternative gallery project" (’09), ambassador of Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise / Rebirth Project by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte) and ambassador of WWF Turkey ('21); she was graduated from Üsküdar Amerikan Academy for Girls (’81) and Bosphorus University (’85). During 90’s she was involved in creating fashion brands Dice Kayek and David People (DPGC), and writing articles in Gazete Pazar and Biz magazine.

Dilara Akay with her latest sculptures 'ARK-IST' at Galeri Gart on September 10, 2009, in parallel with the 11th International Istanbul Biennial.

Gallery G-art presents the abstract sculptures of Dilara Akay, in which she transforms the architecture and cultural visual forms of the city she lives in, by looking at them through the glasses of “ARK”, and tends to question the boundaries between the lines standing in space, fullness and space, time and infinity, object and subject.. Akay, Sculptures named ARK, which she has been working on since the early 2000s, each related and even born from each other; She defines it as the "reconstruction" of natural forms that are universal on the one hand, and many cultural elements belonging to our environment, such as architecture and decorative arts, on the other hand, by abstracting them in a 3-dimensional environment. While revealing these through geometric symbols and/or natural symbols, especially curved lines and circular planes, the "space", which is an integral part of her sculptures, creates an interactive and creative communication ground for the audience's impressions and comments. With the ARK-IST exhibition, it is aimed for the audience to look at the heritages of Istanbul, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2010, such as the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Kamondo Stairs, with a new eye, and to get away from the culture/alienation dilemma in their impressions and reach the "oneness" over cultures.

ARKS 2011
The look of the outside to the inside, the view of the inside to the outside!

Gallery G-art is hosting Dilara Akay with her solo exhibition titled “Arks 2011” between 22 November - 24 December 2011. In addition to his three-dimensional works, Akay's new exhibition consists of digital drawings that he layered using mirrors and glass. Emphasizing that an interactive and creative communication ground was created for the audience with the mirror for their impressions and comments, Akay said, "I would like to question the "view of the outside to the inside and the inside to the outside" by using mirrors in these new works I have carried out by researching architectural forms. Can we see ourselves through the layers? Can we ask ourselves questions in order to know ourselves better, to make sense of today's world through ourselves, and to explore the possibility of change/development? she says.


“Is Akay drawing or sculpting?” Özdemir Altan asks this question and gives a very accurate description of Akay's sculptures; "Line Sculpture". Her works called 'ARK', which she has been carrying out since 2004, find their place in the uncompromising rule of sculpture with its simplicity and simplicity. In this exhibition, Akay goes beyond the climate of thought and emotion created by the environment we live in; She questions the possibility of new emotional and communication bonds and new forms of understanding through her abstract sculptures that she creates with natural and artificial industrial materials such as iron, steel and plastic. The “space” through which the line dances again appears as an important element.

The interesting works of Dilara Akay, who has recently placed her sculptures in various public spaces, in Tophane Artisans Park, Göztepe Park and Durusu Cultural Center continue to attract everyone's attention. (2008)

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