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The artist Ebru Yilmaz Kale, whom we know through geometric and intertwined forms and constructive constructions she creates, comes up against the viewer with a motion image extending to infinity. The movement becomes continuous in the mind of the spectator and extends to infinity. In a treadmill series that works on a treadmill; The same wooden units of the alternating angles vibrate together. They are inevitably turning into different and new forms from themselves, becoming a part of a larger and more powerful whole. From the confrontation of opposite directions or from the opposite directions, a brand new unity enriched by differences comes to light. All that blends acceptance with the spikes, tranquility with the clap, collusion with the collision; it takes on a more and more meaningful form of self-composed parts.

Contemporary Sculpture Artist  Ebru Yılmaz Kale was at Gallery G-art between April 4 and May 20, 2018 with "GEL-GİT (TIDE)" exhibition...

Gallery G-art hosts a very special sculpture exhibition. The artist Ebru Yılmaz Kale, known for the constructive structures she created with geometric and interlocking forms, appears before the audience with an image of motion that extends to infinity. Movement is the most basic element of these sculptures and the movement gains continuity in the mind of the audience, the form extends to infinity. In the Tide series she has been working on for a while; As identical wooden units with varying angles vibrate and come together, they inevitably transform into new and different forms from themselves, becoming part of a stronger and larger whole. The harmonious power of a brand new unity enriched by differences emerges from the encounter of pulling in opposite directions or coming from opposite directions. The whole that blends acceptance with sharpness, strife and serenity, collision and disintegration; it takes on a more and more meaningful form than the parts that make it up. The exhibition "GEL-GİT" (TIDE), which is a journey of searching for the unknown starting from the known, can be seen at Gallery G-art.

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