Born in Sivas /Turkey in 1983. She started her education at Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Textile and Fashion Design department . She studied in Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture  in Kayseri.   She  continued in Istanbul Moda Akademisi ( İMA)  Visual Presentation Design.

There is an artist on this soil, almost hundred years after Brecht and like the women’s right warrior Alexandra Kollontai,  trying to expose all the dark sides of the system, state, war, monitorizing the inequalities between man and women, analyizng child abuse, human rights, racism, discrimination etc. Her name is Şeyda Özdamar.

A country like Turkey, an open market for exploitation whose one foot is on the west and the other one on the east, all the issues like the human/women’s rights, child abuse, state terror racism etc. is imposed as a natural flow of life, which after a while causes unresponsiveness in the society. Şeyda Özdemir, points a finger on all these current facts with an iconoclastic approach, thanks to her “works” that are created in the last two years. 

All the issues that are either not touched, shelved or manipulated, opressed, exploited, marginalized peoples, lives… Born&raised either in the big city or country, self-seeker politicians, due to these policies societies that are becoming more and more conservative and as a result ‘structures’ where interclass communication becomes almost impossible. A cry against standardization, monologism, monoculturalism arouses at Şeyda Özdamar’s “works” at her current works.

She scrutinises the changes at the education system and its reflections on the society such as bigotry via photographs, while keeping an eye on the importance of the enlightenment of the children&youth especially. Since the Artist believes that analogue photography is a historical document for the collective consciousness as well as a nostalgic confidential item, Özdamar prefers to build her works on top of these exclusive images&stories.