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Yasemin Senel is living and working in Brussels, Belgium (born in 1953 in Turkey). She works on paper and on canvas. She creates strong figurative artwork, personal and oneiric, sensitive and fierce at the same time. Yasemin Senel's work offers fanciful childbirth linking humans to their animal alter egos, reinventing powerful founding myths. Yavuz Tanyeli was born in Trabzon,1950 Turkey. 1978, Graduated from Istanbul National Fine Arts Academy for Applied Industrial Arts, Graphic Design department. In his paintings resting on large brush strokes and expressive aesthetic and in his sculptures made with fiber material, from the reach perspective disclosed by eastern and western cultures through visual world, he inspires by primitve arts and the paintings of Mehmed Siyah Kalem. He uses the possibility of communication of art between people by evaluating expressive style’s keen and effective understanding of form. He lives and works in Bodrum, Turkey. Arzu Başaran was born in 1963 in Istanbul. She graduated in 1985 from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, with her first solo show taking place the following year at Berk Art Gallery in Istanbul. In 1989, Arzu Başaran received a research fellowship at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and using a grant received from the Istanbul French Cultural Centre and Siyah Beyaz Gallery, she was a resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris in 2000. Arzu Başaran currently lives and works in Istanbul. Rafet Arslan was born in İzmir 1972 Turkey. Lives and works in İstanbul. Transdisciplinary conceptual artist, art critic, collage worker, performance artist.. Active in surrealism, new age science fiction, erected poetry and mutant art.  Ahmet Sarı was born in 1980, December 26 in Hatay. He had his primary school education in Altınözü, Hatay and graduated from Antakya 23 Temmuz Merkez High School in 1999. He entered Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty, Printmaking Department in 2000-2001 education season and graduated in 2005. Since 2003, he’s been working as the administer of Akbank Arts Center Printmaking Studio. He’s been continuing his painting and printmaking studies in his own studio in Istanbul. Anya Belyat Giunta was born in 1975 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She lives and works in Lyon, France. The drawings of Anya Belyat-Giunta resemble to ambiguous constructions fusing body and soul, strange architectures, and collective memory landscapes. They seem to be following a mysterious system of codes while adopting a dream-like logic Annabelle Guetatra (b. 1985 in France) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She creates strong figurative artwork, personal and oneiric, sensitive and fierce at the same time. Annabelle Guetatra's drawings explore how desire crawls, perfuses and animates bodies, pushing them into impossible coupling, deforming them into pointless masquerades.  Marie Boralevi is a French artist. Born in 1986. She currently lives and works in Paris. Marie Boralevi’s work has always included striking imaginary creatures. Her engravings and drawings bring to life the singular world that has been created by her thriving imagination. In 2013, she won the Pierre Cardin award for her engravings from the Académie des Beaux-Arts de l’Institut de France.  Maja Ruznic (b. 1983, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a New Mexico-based artist who paints diluted, out-of-focus figures and landscapes that explore nostalgia and childhood trauma and are influenced in part by war and the refugee experience. The ritualistic nature of her work reflects religious and mythological interests, including Slavic paganism and Shamanism.


Nine successful artists from two countries; Yasemin Îenel, Yavuz Tanyeli, Arzu BaÎaran,Rafet Arslan, Ahmet Sarı, Anya-Belyat Giunta, Annabelle Guetatra, Maja Ruznic, Marie Boralevi shall meet with viewers at Beyoglu G-Art, exhibiting their striking designs and paperwork on 7th November, in cooperation with Brussels Galerie d'YS.

Art, from the times of the cave-men to our day, has helped us understand human relations  through the interpretations and creativity of mankind manifesting himself over primitive drawings, eventually evolving towards sophisticated art forms, over centuries. Artsy movements, as a bridge between dream and reality are in fact acts of bonding the rational with irrational phenomenon, the real and unreal, the images and the actual entities. Shortly, we can say that art is the adventure of getting to know, transforming and creating oneself. As its consequence we observe that, one, in his struggle to transcend himself, gets to discover and proves his existence through others' medium. Especially, the figures in the art themes form and reveal their understanding and interpretation from the standpoint of their cultural circle and geographical origins and implement their ever-changing essence. From Neolithic times to our day, animal images appear both formally and conceptually as quite diverse manifestations of the artists’ psyche. Regardless of their initial "three dimensional figures over two dimensional surface" methods that are followed by the shattering of the traditional art and their replacement by modernism, they were eventually led to contemporary practices. The notion of death, even if it maintains its validity in conceptual sense, in relation to the understanding and acceptance of the aggression within, man's confrontation with his animalistic instincts is transformed, in a way, towards more realistic formats of contemporary art language compared to the traditional. These nine artists from different background and cultures aim to present to the spectators their reality and visualizations, using their own plastic language and personal interpretations, the exposure of "human-animal" and "inhuman animal" context using the symbolic motives of the subconscious. 

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