The submarine bells are ringing for the ‘void’ touched upon by the minarets extending from the mist towards the sky. That void is where Istanbul was built…

Indeed... Istanbul is the shaping of this void that has surrounded it for thousands of years. From the architects of Hagia Sophia, İsidoros from Miletus and Anthemios from Tralleis, to the architect of the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, Sinan the Great, the people who built the city, in other words, shaped the void, turned  it into the body of this city.

For this reason, Istanbul is a timeless city, which is always in touch distance but cannot be touched, it manages to escape when you think it is captured.  It is a timeless city that is formed out of time-layers and that constantly flows. 

You take a turn around a corner and you find yourself in three hundred years ago, you go up a ladder and live the present day. This city is a timeless city purely because it consists of corridors where different times intertwine. 

This timelessness causes the city to be reborn every time the sun shows itself and thus to become a 'living city' that is rebuilt every single day.

Istanbul takes its color from the void that gives its shape and its color is undoubtedly blue…