Born 1979, lives and works in London


2006, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, MA Fine Art
2003 – 2005, Artist's Project, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm
1998 – 2001, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, BA Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions

2016, On Drool, Cabin Gallery, London
2015, Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Kate Lyddon, Zabludowicz Collection, London
2015, Kate Lyddon - The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, Standpoint Gallery, London
2015, Smaller Biscuit Of Life (Sad Autobiography with Happy Appendix), Galerie d'YS, Brussels
2012, If You Should Die Unexpectedly, studio1.1, London
2012, Idolizer, Galerie d'YS, Brussels
2011, Heroes and Villains, Gallery Daniela Da Prato, Paris
2011,  Bread and Circuses, Galerie Charlot, Paris
2010, The Amazing Wall of Death, Galleri Villavägen 7, Uppsala 
2010, The Feeling, Galleri Remi, Östersund 
2010, The Letter, Galerie d'YS, Brussels
2009, Happiness, Galerie Davide Di Maggio, Milan 
2009,  The Routine, Galleri Persson, Malmö
2009,  Kate Lyddon, studio 1.1, London
2009,  Kate Lyddon, Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm
2008,  Love At The Lido, Fold Gallery, London 
2008,  Here's To You, Michelle And John, Contemporary Art Space, Bristol
2007, Kate Lyddon, Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm
2007, Lennart Aschenbrenner and Kate Lyddon, Skellefteå Konsthall, Skellefteå (duo)
2007, Anders Engman and Kate Lyddon, Teaterhotellet Galleri, Malmö (duo)
2006, Kate Lyddon, Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm
2005,  Untitled - Kate Lyddon, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm
2004, Eugene's Party, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017, Figure it Out, Tannery Projects, London, curated by Jacqui McIntosh and Marcus Cope
2017, Kate Lyddon and John Summers, studio1-1, Sluice Biennial, London
2017, Street Semiotics, Charlie Smith, London
2016, A Splinter in the Sun, Narrative Projects, London, curated by Tim Stoner
2016, The Talking Lamp, The Kennington Residency, London
2016, The Contemporary British Painting Prize, Richmond Museum and Huddersfield Museum, London
2015, The Future Can Wait 2015, Bermondsey Project Space, London
2015, Distorted Visions, The Dot Project, London
2015, East London Painting Prize 2015, Shortlist Exhibition, The Rum Factory, London
2015, Anti-Social Realism, Charlie Smith, London
2014, Jerwood Encounters: Suspicion, Jerwood Space, London, curated by Dan Coombs
2014, Chinese Whispers, Karin Janssen Project Space, London / Gallery Nasty Alice, Eindhoeven
2014, Go Figure, curated by Roxie Warder, Cob Gallery, London
2014, Non-Sequitur, Beers Contemporary, London
2014, Masques / Masks, touring show, Transition Gallery, London
2013, Masques / Masks, touring show, Galerie d'YS, Brussels
2013, Mingles Calypsus: Mungles Capitaltis, Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton
2013, Kate Lyddon and Jay Cloth, two person show, studio1.1, London
2013, The Opinion Makers, collaborative work with Maria Bajt, curated by Lubomirov-Easton at Enclave Gallery, London
2013, Speak, Clown!, curated by Hotel Swirly-Whirly, Fold Gallery, London
2013, HARTMANN. HELYER. LYDDON. BONILLA. & BAJT., Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
2013, '****' Part 3, curated by  Hotel Swirly-Whirly, Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton
2013, a house of many windows, curated by Day&Gluckman, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
2012, Post-War and Contemporary Art 1990 - Now, Christies, London
2012, detours, Wimbledon Space, London
2012, Degrading, curated by Herzog Dellafiore/studio1.4, hosted by studio1.1, London 
2012, The Saatchi Gallery [offsite]: One Giant Leap, Hyatt Regency, London
2012,Translation-Change-Mutation: Susak EXPO(rt), studio 1.4, MUSEUM of MALI LOŠINJ, Mali Losinj, Croatia
2012, Untitled, studio 1.4, Art and Trade/Papierfabriken, Graz, and ExterrItorial, Vienna
2011, Face to Face, Transition Gallery, London
2011, The Edge of Luxury: Form and Actuality, Fold Gallery, London
2011, The Marmite Prize for Painting 2010, (Touring) Central Art Gallery, Tameside; Lanchester Gallery Projects, Coventry; The Nunnery, London
2010, No Soul for Sale; A Festival of Independants, studio 1.1, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London
2010, Painting Over, studio 1.1, London
2010, Pack of Fifteen, Lucky Strike, London 
2009, Close To Home, Galerie Davide Di Maggio, Milan 
2009, Such Sweethearts, Studio 1.1, London
2009, With or Without God, L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London
2008, The Damned and the Saved, Standpoint Gallery, London
2008, The Marmite Prize for Painting 2008, Studio 1.1, London
2008, Besame Mucho Mas, Reception Space, Chats Palace, London 
2007, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Melange Social Club, London 
2006, The Marmite Prize for Painting 2006, Residence Gallery, London
2006, For Peel, No More Grey Gallery, London
2006, Through the Large Glass, Three Colts Gallery, London

Curatorial Projects

2013, HARTMANN. HELYER. LYDDON. BONILLA & BAJT. we sell pornography here, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
2013, Speak, Clown! [Part 4], Fold Gallery London [co-curated with curatorial collective HOTEL SWIRLY-WHIRLY]
2013, **** [Part 1]/ ****[Part 2]/ ****[Part 3], Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton [co-curated with curatorial collective HOTEL SWIRLY-WHIRLY]


2011-12, Ceramic Department, Camberwell College of Art, London
2001-2003, Department of Fine Art, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury


2015, The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2014-15, selected by Penelope Curtis; Conrad Shawcross RA; Iain Hales; Rebecca Scott; Standpoint Gallery, London
2011, Emerging Artist Award 2011, for solo presentation with Galerie d'YS, Art on Paper, Brussels
2006, Runner Up, The Marmite Prize for Painting 2006, London


2017, Figure it Out - Tannery Projects cat. with essay by Jacqui McIntosh and Marcus Cope to accompany the exhibiton Figure It Out (UK)
2015, The Bark Babe and Friends, essay by Alice Butler for Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Kate Lyddon, November 2015 (UK)
2015, Girls Modelled in Plaster; or Losing Your Head cat. with essay by Alice Butler for The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2014-15 (UK)
2015, Les Jeaux d'images de Kate Lyddon, Roger-Pierre Turine, Libre Arts, La Libre Belgique, 8 May 2015 (BELGIUM)
2014, Garageland: Machines issue XVI: Machines, publication edited by Cathy Lomax for Transition Gallery, London (UK)
2013, Les déscouvertes de Senel, Roger-Pierre Turine, Libre Arts, La Libre Belgique, 13 September 2013 (BELGIUM)
2013, Laying the Foundations, [on curating '**** PARTS ONE, TWO & THREE' with HOTEL SWIRLY-WHIRLY], Dominic Smith, The Argus 18 Jan 2013 (UK)
2012, Post-War and Contemporary Art 1990 - Now, Christies London, Cat. (UK)
2012, PAINTING THE HUMAN FIGURE; IDEAS AND PERCEPTION, Atul Vohora, Crowood Press Ltd, London, ISBN-10: 1847973574, 2012 (UK)
2012, ONE GIANT LEAP: WORKS FROM THE SAATCHI COLLECTION, Wallpaper Magazine, February 2012, London, 2012 (UK) 
2010, A THOUSAND LIVING PAINTERS, Art Initiative, Verfhond, 2010 (HOLLAND)
2010, KARBELIUS I HELFIGUR, ÖP, KULTUR OCH NÖJE, Christer B Jarlås, 26 October 2010 (SWEDEN)
2010, HET ENGELSKA ÅTER HOS REMI, ÖP, KULTUR OCH NÖJE, Tomas Larsson, 23 October 2010 (SWEDEN)
2010, TRE VERNISSAGER - TRE TEMPERAMENT, SVERIGES RADIO, JÄMTLAND, Stefan Hanberg, radio broadcast, 22 October 2010 (SWEDEN)
2010, 'Revoici Kate Lyddon: en forme!', Roger-Pierre Turine, Libre Arts, La Libre Belgique, 10 September 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, Saatchi Top Ten, Paul Carey-Kent, 7-13 June 2010 (UK)
2010, 'An Experiment to Test Belief in Art', Stephanie Moran, cat. L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London, 2010 (UK)
2010, 'Griffes et Sourires', Guy Gilsoul, Le Vif l'Express, Brussels, 16 May 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, 'Energy: New Painting With Verve', Modern Edition, Published 2010 (UK)
2010, 'Sugestiva Minnen Och Kvinnlig Grafik', Tomas Larsson, Kultur Och Nöje, ÖP, Östersund, 8 May 2010 (SWEDEN)
2010, 'Première Anglaise'', Roger-Pierre Turine, Collect AAA, Issue 409, May 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, 'Moving Bodies', Anna Jenkinson, Brussels Unlimited, 6 May 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, 'Magnifique Confirmation', Roger-Pierre Turine, Libre Arts, La Libre Belgique, 23 April 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, 'Le Dessin Fait Chambre a Part', Daniele Gillemon, Le Soir, Brussels, April 2010 (BELGIUM)
2010, 'Dessins!', Roger-Pierre Turine, Libre Arts, La Libre Belgique, 19 March 2010 (BELGIUM)
2009, '15 Future Art Stars', Harry Pye, The Saatchi Gallery Magazine Art & Music, Issue 08, Winter 2009 (UK)
2009, 'ARTPRESS', Issue 361, Published November 2009 (FRANCE)
2009, 'Nya och Gamla Stråk', Carolina Söderholm Kultur och Nöjen, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 26 November 2009 (SWEDEN)
2008, 'Here's to You, Michelle and John', Anna Britten, Metro, 15 September 2008 (UK)
2007, 'Vardagslivmotiv', Pernilla Ahlsén, På Stan, Dagens Nyheter, 27 September 2007 (SWEDEN)
2007, 'Humor är Nyckeln till Lyddons GroteskaVärld', Anna Ångström, Kultur, Svenska Dagbladet, 02 October 2007(SWEDEN)


Public/Private Collections

Zabludowicz Collection, London
Saatchi collection, London
M & Mme Chachati collection, Brussels
Ken & Helen Rowe collection, London
Sam & Shanit Schwartz collection, Los Angeles
Kevin Burke collection, Los Angeles
Iddo Arad collection, New York
private collections in Europe, Asia and USA

Art Fair Representation

YIA ART FAIR 2015, (Galerie d'YS, Brussels), Paris
SLUICE 2015 (Day & Gluckman, London), London
LONDON ART FAIR 2014 (Transition Gallery, London/Galerie d'YS, Brussels - ART PROJECTS), London
SLUICE 2013 (Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton/studio1.1, London), London
DRAWING NOW 2012, LOUVRE, (Daniela Da Prato Gallery, Paris), Paris
DRAWING NOW 2011, LOUVRE, (Galerie d'YS, Brussels), Paris
MARRAKECH ART FAIR 2011, (Daniela Da Prato Gallery, Paris), Morrocco
ART ON PAPER 2011, (Galerie d'YS, Brussels), Brussels
LONDON ART FAIR 2010 (Fold Gallery, London), London
CHIC ART FAIR 2010, (Galerie d'YS, Brussels), Paris
ART ON PAPER 2010 (Galerie d'YS, Brussels), Brussels
ART VERONA 09 (Galleria Davide di Maggio, Milan), Verona 
SLICK 2009 (Galerie d'Ys, Brussels), Paris
SCOPE ART FAIR 2008 (Fold Gallery, London), London
STOCKHOLM ART FAIR 2008 (Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm), Stockholm 
STOCKHOLM ART FAIR 2007 (Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm), Stockholm






STOCKHOLM ART FAIR 2006 (Galleri Anders Lundmark, Stockholm), Stockholm