The 'Debris' exhibition a questioning project about the constantly growing city covered with skyscrapers ,even we cannot see the daytime sky and the stars at night and the urbanization that goes back and forth between fictional realities. 

In the contemporary period,  the concept of private property beginning with settled life, creates a chaos full of dead ends . Man becomes the owner of every property, every object he purchases in this chaos, and it turns into a captivity.

So man is no longer just a prisoner; he has become an entity that “virtualizes” his identity through science and technology.

Unforeseen truth; The destruction created by growing cities in nature was the destruction of their own nature. In this “debris”, the person who tries to stay in balance has become almost an acrobat.

He was trying to achieve a balance by taming the nature he had destroyed, slaughtered and trying to create his artificial nature.

He needed “landscaping” arrangements to green the surroundings of the houses he made of concrete.

The effort of man to destroy nature and establish a superiority against nature; Is it an effort of immortality through the concepts of leaving a mark and creating it?

Is this destruction that serves the human ego a tool or  a target ?

And how can one explain the need for nature to live in this "debris" created by man?

This exhibition aims to carry out a reading through the complexity of destruction, debris, devastation, nature, responsibility to nature, ego, belonging and virtual identity complexity.

To fly it is necessary to throw weights. Who doesn't want to fly ..