“Asılmış samanyolu ile kubbesi evrene
Seyredilir içinde dünya sanki aynadan bir top küresi”
Tezkiret-ül Bünyan

Although a great number of sacred monuments are only considered as such places that are isolated from the outer space; ‘the space’ that is designed and presented by Sinan in the Selimiye Mosque is not merely an haphazard space. ‘The space as a mass’ built by Sinan constitutes peculiar and unique examples, which highlights the thought of ‘unity’. These three buildings have inspired many people since the time of their origin. Sinan the Great has started his life as an architect by means of inspirations, and his work, along with the architect himself, was ultimately transformed into a source of inspiration, which rendered him to become known as a genius and obtain a special place in Art History in the world.


‘It’s dome attached to the universe by the Milky Way
From there the world is watched, as if a ball sphere made out of mirror’

Tezkiret-ül Bünyan

Sometimes a wind directs our gaze towards the welkin. The place in which the stars, the sun and the moon live on their evanescence, and which also turns the welkin into words. The cyclic space that absorbs, accommodates, encapsulates every bit of the body… The welkin; the place of light in which every single thing is as well the welkin itself, its transparency, permeability and most importantly, the welkin becoming its own self, which prevents us from seeing it. Such a welkin that accommodates what is cyclic is, in fact, circular… The circle in which we see ‘the time prior to myself, the time posterior to myself, and the time regarding my entity’. It is not the place of the time that flows from the past towards the future, it is the time that flows into all times in a rather scattered way: The circle... On the one hand corresponding to what is cyclic, on the other hand it is stable with its centralised structure and introverted nature… The fundamental equivalent of circularity in architecture can be found in the Dome. Such a magnitude of the space that embraces the aura in which the length, the height, the depth, and most importantly the time flows through every direction... In the Dome, its interior space expresses what surrounds it, namely, the depiction of the exterior… The Dome that is the representation of the wisdom and simplicity, the manifestation of what is external, which rises towards the welkin on top of the squares and its derivatives…