A "Color Virtuoso" Between East and West...

Art critic Sezer Tansuğ defined Yasemin Şenel, who has lived a good part of her life in Belgium, as a "color virtuoso".

'I have strived to see the life of a small girl and the world surrounding her through my doll eyes, wearing a mask so that I shall not be recognized. I have seen and heard it all, without saying a word, taking it all in. I do not have a voice, it is through the small girl that I express myself when grown-ups allow it. I, the doll, am a faithful and silent partner, alternately loved and abandoned. If being a child is hard, it is even harder to be a doll. I dedicate the series "Masked Dolls" to those who have already been troubled by their gaze' Yasemin Şenel said.

Şenel bases her manifesto over the ‘figure’ and plunges into the reality of the doll which, she names as ‘hardly a rose garden’. Collage and paint. Transfers and references. Consequently a series of green, pink, ochre and purple, laugh- ing and crying works on paper and canvas. A rough, graphic style, both collides and merges with smooth and flowing paints in Şenel’ s works. Complex and light lines, wild-eyed creatures, density of symbols and a style that’s open to interpretations are exclusively her basics for fragile, yet sturdy works. Critic Daniele Gillemon comments on her reversion of time-flow into youth elixir as resembling Picasso a little!

In Yasemin Senel’ s art, the eye of the viewer can- not reach beyond what is allowed by the artist. Thus accepting it as her reality of what should remain as her ‘closed box’. She works like a virtuoso who broke the monotony in the rhythm of a rich music of colors, taking her place among the well recognized and praised young artists of the ever-evolving contemporary art scene.