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Mary Moon was was born in 1977 in Yerevan. From 1993 to 94 she studied in State School of Fine art after Mkhitar Sebastatsi in Yerevan. From 1994 to 1998 she studied painting and design at State Fine Art Collage after P.Terlemezyan in Yerevan. From 1998 to 2004 she attended painting at State Fine Art Academy in Yerevan, prof Pharaon Mirzoyan. In 2008 she was invited as a gust student for summer semester to attended School of Art and Desigh in Kassel, Germany, Prof. Norbert Radermacher. After returning back from Germany she established the VisualGap Online gallery, virtual space for young artists living and working in Armenia. Mary Moon received the studio scholarship from the BMUKK (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture), also was at GeoAIR residency program, Tbilisi, Georgia and Artist in Residence, invited by Art Suits gallery, Bodrum, Turkey She was awarded with the first prize in the International Young Artist of the year contest organized by Art Planet Gallery, Kristine Saleri foundation, RH art magazine in Istanbul, Turkey 2014


Joining from Armenia, young Armenian artist Mary Moon was qualified to be the winner of the "Young Artist of the Year" selections held by the internationally reputable rh+artmagazine in 2014. She became one of the focuses of attention at the 2015 Mamut Art Projects in Istanbul held shortly afterwards. Now she is taking place with her latest project: "Reality is Beautiful" exhibitions, at two different galleries in Galata, Beyoglu simultaneously. The exhibitions will start on 6th November at Depo-Tophane followed by 10th November opening at the neighbouring Gallery G-Art.

Mary Moon has indulged in cityscapes since 2004 in quest for diverse viewpoints for the visible as we view different cities, thus starting the series. We at times, look down on the city panorama from a different angle than the accustomed, viewing new structures changing and destroying outwardly our environment rather rapidly. People seem unhappy while striving for a healthy life. Within the artist's quadrangle we see what we are not always able to observe in our daily lives, of familiar environs as they transform into distant places. These pictures become the representation of our escape from accepted rules, views and habits. Looking from that angle we realise that most city silhouettes are alike. And the entire world seems to merge into one big metropole. And these quadrangles represent the " moment" that we free ourselves of boundaries and cuff links of cultural and political prejudices. This is the moment when art becomes the medium of forming the inter-cultural dialogue.

We can interpret these artworks as analytical reviews over human identities. Living through the substantial reality in a medium of assimilation is reflected in the works'

colors, forms and sizes sprouting through consciousness of a certain identity. And within this context the light used by the artist for conveying and manifesting the "beauty" in the subjects enables us to observe the nature of their characters.

In these pictures we don't really see much space, perspective or horizon that would give the forms and figures some relief. What exists is light, shadows and mediating color tonality. This is deliberately obtained as not to distract the viewer's attention via striking strong colors thus enabling him to move towards the heart of the matter (idea).

The two-dimensional sculptures in the exhibition springs from the two-dimensional paintings. The observation as accustomed by our consciousness and senses, of all entities and images on earth is through the ultimate light, the sun. But provided by the usage of different perspectives and angles on the decoupe sculptures, light sources, and spacial acts creates new appearances. So what we see through the help of artificial light source indicates in a clearer way that, what we might be experiencing in terms of ultimate light might be illusionary after all. This condition of 'beauty' is a different cognition for the artist.

"Reality is Beautiful" is the artist's second solo exhibition and will be held in two different galleries simultaneously on Kumbaraci Yokusu in Galata. Her works are consisting of city panoramas from different countries alongside her works of Istanbul. The shows will run through Dec 6 at the Depo gallery and Dec 31 at Gallery G-Art.

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