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Drawing on Paper

52x43 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Aylin Yavuz (born 18 June 1983) studied art at universities of Siegen, Dortmund and Istanbul. Since 2005 she has been making contributions to the arts with videos, graphics and paintings. Besides art she is also giving lectures and conducting workshops at universities, museums and schools. She lives and works between Düsseldorf and Istanbul.

In her drawings and paintings Aylin Yavuz incorporates aspects of the present, filtered through a postmodern and aesthetic approach, which leaves room for the viewerʼs own imagination. The body-lines depicted, in their simultaneous and harmonious composition, yields abstract forms. The work comes together into a kind of net, based on the idea that everything is connected thus functions in the end as a signpost within the body of work. Nodal points are sometimes set using color elements or representational body part objects, such as genitals, hands, breasts.

Aylin Yavuz lends the body and its sexuality a certain irony and a touch of humor. She accomplishes this through the selection of positions, associations, and the exaggeration of the symbolism of various objects in addition by contrasting color spaces.

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