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R:31 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Cansu Sakız was born in 1987 in Bartın. She studied painting at Fine Arts High School before moving to Dokuz Eylul University Fine Arts Faculty. She studied Turkish Tile Art and Restoration at the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts for four years and graduated with a degree. After graduating in 2012, she opened her first studio in İzmir and moved to Istanbul as a member of the collective with the establishment of Hata Yapım Atölyesi in 2014. After four years with the collective, Cansu Sakız established her own workshop called Tile Art in 2018 and still continues her work there. Her painting education and traditional art knowledge shaped him as a designer specializing in Turkish tile art and craft. The artist adds his own innovative interpretation to this timeless technique with the figurative expression she adds to the traditional version of tile art; She aims to discover new horizons in his art by combining the possibilities offered by the technique with his contemporary ideas. Their one-of-a-kind designs combined with exceptional craftsmanship attract art enthusiasts and collectors at art fairs and exhibitions.

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