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Closest Distance


59x43,5 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Walking; a deed that pursues to caress the real-self. The act of contacting with our real selves is in fact the beginning of a transformation as well. There is no such a thing that remains forever. There are the ones that flow, rotate, and extend along... and clearly there are never-ending pursuits.

I am connecting with my real self as I walk, and I am getting closer and closer in each step. How our wanders leads us to become closer to our real selves…

An oeuvre always gives us clues about its relationship to its creator. What I mean is not the mystery that lurks behind the apparent, it is indeed each and every thing that stands in front of us.

I was born in Istanbul and studied in photography department in Mimar Sinan University. I'm living and working in Istanbul.

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