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‘Disconnected -2 '

Free machine sewing on white work,

54x57 cm

For Sale

About Artist

I was born in Adana in 1988. In 2010, I studied flute-piano-choir conducting at Gazi University, Department of Music Education. After graduating, I worked as a choirmaster, choropetitor and orff instructor in different places and symphony orchestras. I am currently continuing my education. Unlike my musical life, my artistic journey started in 2014 with my interest in craft and I continued to explore my artistic self through embroidery.

Artist Statement
Gizem Konyar works in daily life by being inspired by the vulgar, which exalts, humiliates, destroys us, and their existence on human beings. Women in the working areas; focuses on the burdens that women carry throughout their lives, their obsession with body image, the deformation of the female body and its transformation into a new form. Image-based works; explores the complex emotions involved in questions of intimacy, identity, and human existence. . These inquiries refer to the body itself as a way of colonizing the past, reclaiming the present to reconstruct and celebrate both the self and its cultural heritage. Expressionist-like organic forms emerge that give rise to an invariably vibrating vision of life, composed of a combination of different experiences and memories. Gizem Konyar designs meticulous deformations with fabric. Each stitch finds escape routes, trying new and vibrant ways of being in the mingling of memories, memories and intuitive embodiments. All work is related to the energy and intention of the heart rather than the workings of the mind. It invites the viewer to establish a relationship and connection with himself, with the manipulation and cumulative effect, which consists of the reflection of the clean image on the front surface to the back with the sewing and embroidery technique.

Project Description
"“Between our emotions and our bodies, there is a passion that holds things together. I am building a shelter in this void so that you can hold on to that passion.”
“These Remains You See” revolves around the idea that our passions are a culmination in the body. By challenging the animate and inanimate definitions of man, he tries to reach a dimension beyond language or where things cannot yet be named. By bringing together different materials that can penetrate the fabric, it presents it as a body that is permeable and moving, tactile, constantly transforming each other, establishing connections within and beyond the visible. These works on a different surface focus on the transformation of the body.

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