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Abstract Landscape Series

Mix Media on Plexiglass

108x74 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Born in Istanbul in 1974, lives in Istanbul. He graduated in Ceramic Design from Marmara University, Fine Arts. Alongside his works in painting and ceramics, the artist is also active in non-governmental organization in his area of expertise. In all these activities, he acts with the knowledge that, ‘art’ repairs the relationships between the self and the others, it is an important tool to be connected with the outside life in closed establishments, it eases the co-existing process, it prevents people to deteriorate physically and psychologically, and it helps to erase the perception of “otherness”.

Gökhan Deniz has decided to turn his palette into his canvas. He has given prominence to the composition that he had previously used with different techniques in the background or in the spatial planes, thus enabling the techniques and methods to take a different role. However, it was only possible to reach this point through an experience that had not been gained beforehand. Feeling the peace of unity rather than the sanctity of being a family, the artist has withdrawn his hand from the canvas and instead began to add himself to the canvas. While leaving the paint to flow, he has created his paintings with intuitive interventions, the unwavering peace of being as if up in the sky or deep in the oceans. He has created a new medium with a solid infrastructure where we could see tons of pattern sketches and paint trials: Landscapes.

Playing with the perspectives, he has transformed the confined spaces by moving the paint on the canvas. After a while, his works, which have become independent of the figure, found a quiet and deep path with a variety of materials and dimensions, not forgetting that he had found different answers to similar questions years ago.

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