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Other Side Series

Plexi, industrial wastes, light

R: 85 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Gokte Tunc, an artist who has been using "industrial wastes" as a medium in performing her art. Continuing with her performance of utilising industrial 'left-overs', Gokte Tunc has added a new material, the mirror surface, to her works. The notion of 'circle' in both the physical and metaphysical context symbolises the eternal turn and endless energy. It signifies the change, the evolution, the order and chaos, conducting us to think about it while urging our apprehension of these illusions in form and colour in every different direction, questioning the reality.

The three dimensional objects generate optical illusions by means of their assemblage and the material used, incorporating the viewers vision in the playful relationship of their simple geometric forms; and they stand open to a wide spectrum of connotations ranging from universal knowledge to personal memory.

Her works- successful in steering, even creating a perception by virtue of the visual and beyond-visual depth established between the plain and the complicated- is above and beyond consisting of single aesthetical objects, and the exposition presents us with the opportunity of an holistic experimentation in between two universes mastered by metaphysics and hi-tech.

Her works are in many collections in Turkey and in Europe.

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