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Rhino on pillow

Bronze Casting

15X9 cm

For Sale

About Artist

As an artist who lives in İstanbul and collaborates with the fields of historiography, politics and sociology, the works I have produced in the last twenty years are dialogues that feed upon the contradictions of space. My journey is meant to explore the limitless dimensions of our spatiality and to trace trans-disciplinary, social and spatial relations. There are no certainties in my art, neither a methodology though there are intentions. All of my personal exhibitions are composed of works that are grouped around specific themes and concepts and that make use of a diverse range of media. These themes are frequently combined in my installations. My exhibitions may be varied in their material and language; however, there is a semantic bond between them. The subject of each work determines the materials used and the form of the work. I am working on site-specific installations that examine and deconstruct the relations between spaces, ideas and the identities that represent them. I have defined the relationship between spatial dynamics and my works in the following terms: “Taking space into account and integrating it into the piece is a vital element of my production process. Space, with its physical, historical and socio-political dimensions, directs my production.” During research and production new issues come to the fore and this paves the way for my next set of works.


“Becoming a rhino is a transformation rather than, and beyond, a change.Change can be reversed, one can change again; but transformation is irreversible”. The artist's “Megalopolis” series, which has been continuing to create since 2012; Based on Georg Simmel's essay “Metropolis and Mental Life met, she presents a narrative of metropolitan life and alienation problems of the metropolitan individual to the audience in different mediums. The metropolitan actor of the series, cold, heavy, thickskinned rhino images, referring to blasé *; Grid plans and ovoid forms symbolizing the metropolis, which are the concrete manifestations of metropolitan architecture, show the basic elements of the series.

​From this series; A fictional metropolis that is not located on any map, sometimes reminiscent of its fictional predecessor Gotham City, a dreamy metropolis “Dark City’.. Seductive like a chic nightclub, as dark as the promise of power it offers, a place where love and hate intertwine. At the darkest point of urban life, could the main actor of the Metropolis series, Blase, which is embodied in a rhinoceros, egg shell expected to crack with his walking, rise like a screa in the middle of the night and awaken other metropolitan? While the light inside the half translucent looking ovoid form,referring to the heart of the metropolis and its endless energy, creates a disturbing contrast with the rhino figure symbolizing blasé. Blasé, with the makeshift status on the earth that is expected to be his home, invokes feelings of misplacedness and loss.

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