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Aluminum Casting Sculpture, Glass Casting Sculpture

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About Artist

As an artist who lives in İstanbul and collaborates with the fields of historiography, politics and sociology, the works I have produced in the last twenty years are dialogues that feed upon the contradictions of space. My journey is meant to explore the limitless dimensions of our spatiality and to trace trans-disciplinary, social and spatial relations. There are no certainties in my art, neither a methodology though there are intentions. All of my personal exhibitions are composed of works that are grouped around specific themes and concepts and that make use of a diverse range of media. These themes are frequently combined in my installations. My exhibitions may be varied in their material and language; however, there is a semantic bond between them. The subject of each work determines the materials used and the form of the work. I am working on site-specific installations that examine and deconstruct the relations between spaces, ideas and the identities that represent them. I have defined the relationship between spatial dynamics and my works in the following terms: “Taking space into account and integrating it into the piece is a vital element of my production process. Space, with its physical, historical and socio-political dimensions, directs my production.” During research and production new issues come to the fore and this paves the way for my next set of works.

Visconti Castle, Trezzo sull Adda,Italy ,2014

. A limit and its transgression are dependent entities that owe their nature to the dictates of the one to the other” Michel Foucault

The exhibition starts from the arrogance of 251,060 kilometers. What is "two hundred and fifty one thousand and sixty" but a set of curves, arbitrary lines? Nuhoğlu dismantles, bends and weaves geographical, cultural and political borders. It makes visible the transparent, arbitrary, fragile nature of the borders separating peoples and bodies. It distorts the sharpness of spokesmen, numbers, maps, measures of the earth. In spite of the shepherd of civilization, he follows a rebellious goat wandering in the rift between nature and history. And he asks: Does the border have any meaning other than the existence of the goat that crossed this border victoriously? Perhaps the border is the only refuge of transgression and art.

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