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Borrowed Traces

Pit scraping on metal, mixed paint

50x47 cm

About Artist

A Greek Armenian artist from Turkey, born in Istanbul in 1984. She graduated from Marmara University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006, and lives and works in Istanbul. Büyüktaşçıyan uses the notion of the ‘other’ and combines it with the concepts of absence and invisibility, in order to compose an imaginary connection between identity, memory, space & time through ‘the other’. In her recent works to inquire the meaning of ‘absence’ within the collective memory, she focuses on urban transformation, which causes disappearance, invisibility, isolation and otherness within the framework of communities, history, time, space and memory. Recent exhibitions include The Jerusalem Show VII, Jerusalem, 2014; Fishbone, State of Concept, Athens (2015), Century of Centuries, SALT, Istanbul (2015), and the 56th Venice Biennale (2015).

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