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5. Depiction of the Jinn from Seyit Mohammed Ibn Emir Hasan El-Saudi's Metali'l-Saadet ve Yenabi'ül Politics (1582), Melek-i Zuba'a

Embroidery on fabric

40x53 cm

For Sale

About Artist

Titi was born in Italy in 1943. She came to Turkey in 1969. She met with Sevim Çavdar. Together for 53 years, they made magnificent costumes for the State Theaters and the State Opera and Ballet. On the one hand, with her admiration for Turkish traditional art and mythology and her refined dominance of Italian art, She started to produce art works by sewing on fabric. She produced such good works that she attracted the attention of the intellectual and artistic circles soon and opened beautiful exhibitions. Under the influence of painter Birol Kutadgu, moved to Gertiş Village, Bodum. She died here at the age of 79 (2022).

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