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Şafak Taner 1975, Edremit 2006 - Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts, MFA in TV- Cinema, İstanbul 2005 - Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, BFA in Photography, İstanbul 1993 – 1995 Bilkent University Economy Department, Ankara 1993 - Kültür Collage, İstanbul 1983 – 1985 İstanbul Municipality Conservatory 2009 – 2011 - Young Classicists Festival - Founder & General Director 2010 - European Capital of Culture İstanbul 21 June 2011 Music Day Concerts - Creative Director 2010 - - Founder 2010 - Gap & Unicef Project “9 Fashion Stylist to 9 Province” - Photographer 2008 - YOYO Production - Founder 2002 - Şafak Taner Film & Photograph Production Company - Founder Since 1990 - Advertising Photography for different agencies, magazines & companies (Miller Genuine Draft, Mercedes, Levi’s and etc.) AWARDS 2006 - The Rx Club 2006 Awards - Second Place 2000 - Miller Company Milwaukee - Best campaign photograph taken outside USA; “It’s Miller time” 2000 - Pamukbank Photography Competition Display

Pieces from a photographic diary… NO:1 “Age Of Polytheism”

The first solo exhibition of photographer Safak Taner, founder of Turkey’s first and only Academic Music Internet TV(YOYOM tv) and International Young Classicals Festival along having considerable recognition in the advertisement and fashion world, is “ALL THATS’S LEFT FROM/IN THE PAST”. The most notable aspect of the exhibition consisting of 15 colored and black and white photographic prints, is that the photographic scenes, manifesting such surreal time and form, are totally depicted in real formations, free of any digital manupilations. Taner, while incorporating the display, also makes use of interactive projection technique carrying a performance character. Safak Taner, saying “when I went back to the diaries that I kept and realised that I can’t read through my ugly handwriting, I decided to record my history by means of photographing it”, describes his exhibition in a humorous way. For Taner, what he aims by this exhibition is proving that the final objective of taking photographs is recording the daily life. The Photographer summarizes the act of recording as such: “one that does not keep record of his life is like ‘tabula rasa’; even if he commits the biggest sin, despite looking white in essence, whiteness is not always a sign of purity”. In the photographs, signifying how epic moments can become of ordinary things and happenings, after being recorded; instances of ordinary people and places squeezed between birth, love, freedom is shown as magnified and acts of courage.

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