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He was born in 1982 in Istanbul. He graduated Graphic Design Department of Faculty of Fine Arts of Marmara University in 2005 and graduated from Painting Department of the same Faculty in 2010. He has 60 awards in national and international art and design competitions. He has 19 solo exhibitions in the country. He joined several group exhibitions that 11 of them were international and some of them were competition exhibitions.He is a graduate of Yeditepe University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Master's Program in Plastic Arts (2013) and Proficiency in Art Doctorate (2017).He is deputy of Graphic Design Department at the Fine Arts Faculty of Maltepe University and continues his artistic works at his private studio.

From his own mouth:

In my paintings, the basis of which is formed by the concept of ‘writing’, I base a mystical approach upon lyrical sensations.   When composing the plastic language of my paintings, the abstract pictorial texts that are hidden amongst the layers of abstract stains and that are often covered with transparent areas and thrown into the background, the languages of which are undetectable and the scripts of which seem impossible to read, also bring about a mystical perception. Therefore, it is not the language, but the pictorial image and trail of the text come into prominence in the paintings. Words in trails, as well as trails in words contain hidden expressions in mystical sentiments, such as a single letter, a special word, or a meaningful sentence… just as embellished discourses that appear in front of us in the epic flow of life, sometimes hidden and sometimes concealed on purpose…

etching samples

Words and Traces 3
Words and Traces,  4
Dismantled Words 2
Dismantled Words 1
Words and Traces 5
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