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Titi was born in Italy in 1943. She came to Turkey in 1969. She met with Sevim Çavdar and they made magnificent costumes together for the State Theaters and the State Opera and Ballet for 53 years. On the other hand, with her admiration for Turkish traditional art and mythology and her refined dominance of Italian art, She started to produce art works by sewing on fabric. She produced such good works that she attracted the attention of the intellectual and artistic circles soon and opened beautiful exhibitions. Under the influence of painter Birol Kutadgu, moved to Gertiş Village, Bodum. She died here at the age of 79 (2022).


Titi, who works with the humility of a folk artist and at the same time leaning on the canvas of a meticulous artist, is here with her appliques that give life to the fabric, stylized based on Turkish-Islamic mythology, with her series "Wonderland".


Titi makes the world that the painter lives in her canvas live in fabrics. Miniatures, which are cultural sources of human history, carried from the past to the present with folk tales and legends, are like appliques here. Stating that he is waiting for this exhibition with excitement, Asaf Savaş Akat describes Titi as follows:

When she was born in Milan, when "Grazia Maria Meroni" was blown into her ear, no one probably thought that she would spend most of her life in Turkey. A coincidence of luck threw her here in the late 1960s. She loved it, settled down, never left. Grazia disappeared, replaced by Titi. In memory of dear Çiço, there are still those who call her Marshal like me. Titi's world is full of colors, flowers and lights. She chose the mountain of Geriş to watch the sun set in Yalikavak from a bird's eye view, to watch the blue turn red, red purple, purple over the plain, sea, hills and islands. She knitted what she saw, heard and smelled on her multicolored “appliqués” like lace. It remains for us to carry the covers, pillows and boards that give life to the fabric to the corner of our homes.' Based on the Turkish-Islamic Mythology, we have the appliqués that she meticulously crafted like a humble under-glass artist and a muralist. Ahval-i Kıyamet, in which elements such as Burak, city walls, heaven and hell are depicted in a fluent and colorful way; Acaibü'l Mahlukat, which includes angels, jinn, animals, plants, interesting places on earth, and fantastic creatures; scenes of creation, descent, flood, and apocalypse. Another important aspect of this interesting series is that is dedicated to the memory of her mentor, Mrs. Sevim Çavdar, who has a very important trace in Titi's life and artistic adventure.

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