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Yasemin Şenel was born in 1953. She graduated from the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Liège (Belgium) in 1978. She lives and works in Brussels and has had numerous exhibitions since 1977. She was awarded the Liard prize in 1976 and the Jamar prize in 1978. Since the late 1970s, she has lived and studied art in Belgium. Turkish art critic Sezer Tansuğ defined Yasemin Şenel, who has lived a good part of her life in Belgium, as a "color virtuoso". Yasemin Şenel is looking for intersections with the local culture she comes from and the human touch of a foreign culture. She is trying to find the base of the passions hidden by the human being, a universal being. Emotions hidden in the dark world of consciousness take on the rich and colorful vibrations that a Freudian analysis can reveal in Şenel's paintings. Yasemin Şenel is ranked 76th among the list of "1000 living artists of our times" evaluated and published by a group of Dutch art authorities and collectors. Her works are in private collections in Turkey, Germany, London, France, Italy and Belgium, Pasabahçe Glass Industry (Turkey), the Foundation pour l'Art Document Contemporain (Belgium)


A "Color Virtuoso" Between East and West...

Yasemin Şenel at Beyoğlu Gallery G-art after many years with "Masked Doll and Games"

Art critic Sezer Tansuğ defined Yasemin Şenel, who has lived a good part of her life in Belgium, as a "color virtuoso". This color virtuoso will now meet with the Turkish viewers again with her "Masked Doll and Games" series, on March 12 2014.
The initial series "Masked Doll" which was well praised internationally, started in 2011 with "Hello Baby" later deriving into "Masked Dolls" and subsequently ending with "Masked Doll and Game" in 2014, at the new address in Beyoglu, of Gallery G-Art.

We proudly announce on this occasion that the "Reydan Weiss Collection" (Germany) has recently acquired two of her works from the series "Masked Doll" for their collection.

Şenel bases her manifesto over the 'figure' and plunges into the reality of the doll which, she names as 'hardly a rose garden'. Collage and paint. Transfers and references. Consequently a series of green, pink, ochre and purple, laughing and crying works on paper and canvas. A rough, graphic style, both collides and merges with smooth and flowing paints in Şenel' s works. Complex and light lines, wild-eyed creatures, density of symbols and a style that's open to interpretations are exclusively her basics for fragile, yet sturdy works. Critic Daniele Gillemon comments on her reversion of time-flow into youth elixir as resembling Picasso a little!

In Yasemin Senel' s art, the eye of the viewer cannot reach beyond what is allowed by the artist. Thus accepting it as her reality of what should remain as her 'closed box'. She works like a virtuoso who broke the monotony in the rhythm of a rich music of colors, taking her place among the well recognized and praised young artists of the ever-evolving contemporary art scene.

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