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"... In today’s contemporary art context of Turkey Dilara Akay is an artist and activist with multipurpose intentions. Her meticulously crafted metal sculptures, found object assemblages, ready-mades and installations expose clear and imaginative reference points to feminist values and principles, follows the path of Post-modern surrealist methods of three dimensional production and casts a spell of sensation and to the gaze of the society of spectacle. Her public art and performances extends her concepts and opinions on women emancipation, imposed gender identities, forms of political dominance on individual and social life, on manipulation of tradition and Modernism. Her works reflect her experience of finding her inner forces for social commitment as well as convey an energy to convince people to associate their experience with her work..." Beral Madra ​ Dilara Akay (born ’63 Adana, Turkey) lives and works in Dalaman, Turkey where she has recently created Dilara Akay Sculpture Garden (’19); a public space for her work inviting people from Dalaman and beyond. Founder of artist platform HAYAKA ARTI (’05), "alternative gallery project" (’09), ambassador of Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise / Rebirth Project by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte) and ambassador of WWF Turkey ('21); she was graduated from Üsküdar Amerikan Academy for Girls (’81) and Bosphorus University (’85). During 90’s she was involved in creating fashion brands Dice Kayek and David People (DPGC), and writing articles in Gazete Pazar and Biz magazine.

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